At Chapel Christian Academy we believe    


That children are special creations of God, made in His image. Because of this, we value each and every child regardless of their background, behavior, or life situation. It is our desire to help every child reach his/her full potential in life by helping the child cognitively, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Thus, at C.C.A., we treat children with the dignity and respect they deserve as human

beings, help give them the attention, affection, and care they need throughout the day,

and work with, teach, and guide each child in a loving fashion.

We believe that all children can learn. We believe that children learn best through relevant, active learning experiences. We value the importance of play and creative expression.


Thus, at C.C.A., we provide a variety of hand-on learning experiences to foster each

child’s development. We encourage children to investigate, discover, and inquire about the things in their world.


We believe that God has given parents the sacred responsibility of raising children to honor the Lord, His creation, His Word, and the lives & beliefs of other people. Chapel Christian Academy seeks to partner with, not replace, parents to help grow their children into the people God created them to be.


Thus, at C.C.A., we seek to give the children the best possible care and work

alongside their parents to help children develop into successful, content, and character-filled individuals.



We believe that the greatest influence for either good or bad in the life of a child is the example that others set before him/her. We believe that the character of our staff and attitude of our Center needs to be positive, dependable, and morally excellent.


Thus, at C.C.A., we expect all staff members to represent good Christian morals and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. Our goal is that each staff member will set a good example for the children in attitude, speech, and actions.


We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing with excellence, and that there could be no more worthy cause than influencing young children to become the best that they can be. We believe that God expects us to give our very best to the next generation.


Thus, at C.C.A., we strive to maintain a spirit of excellence in our facilities, curriculum, and staff. We will always remain open-minded to suggestions on how we can improve the quality of our care.


We Provide

Care for children from the ages of four week's old through seventeen years of age.

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